About Nathiagali

Nathiagali is a scenic hill resort lodged in the sylvan slopes of the lower himalayan rang, at a height of 2600 meters in the forest studded hills, it is about three hours drive towards north-east of Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. A small village known only to those seeking escape from the heat and with penchant for enjoying natural beauty, it become the venue of a yearly activity of intellectual discourse of the highest level in this part of the world. With the snow-clad views of Nanga Parbat and other Karakorum peaks and a cool and bracing climate heavy with the scent of firs and pines and ablaze in a riot of colour presented by roses, cherries and wild flowers, it provides and excellent blend of tranquil atmosphere conducive for learning and enjoining nature’s beauty at its best. It has a small timbered church, parks, bungalows and the Governor’s House.

Nathiagali gets heavy snow in winters and temperatures mostly remain below freezing point. 6-8 feet snowfall is very normal in Nathiagali.

The summer in these resorts is pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 15oC at night to 30oC during the day. The monsoons are unpredictable and unexpected storms with downpour accompanied by short staccato bursts of hail may turn the air quite chilly. From October to March, the once lush green would turns into a whole glistening fairyland. Other places of interest nearby include Murree, Patriata, Ayubia and Bhurban. Surrounded by thickly wooded pine and chestnut trees, Bhurban is gifted with natural scenic beauty, peace and tranquility. Those of you who love adventure can take a longer track of around six hours (both ways) starting from the Governor House to 9,711 feet (2,960 m) hight Miranjani peak. Those who want to enjoy time in beautiful thick forest can always opt to climb 9,186 feet (2800 m) high top of Mukshpuri. The total journey is around four hours (both ways). There are many hiking and tracking opportunities in Nathiagali. You can take many short strolls through the pine forests.

Three km from Nathiagali is Dungagali which is entry point of Ayubia National Park. From here you can hike on 4 km long most beautiful “Dunga Gali Pipe Line Track”. This track would take you to Ayubia in 1hr. You can witness rare varieties of birds, animals and trees on this track. This year due to some problems it is decided to hold the Summer College at National Centre for Physics in Islamabad.

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